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Suzie's Story

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my page! I am  Suzzanne Rubio, Pastry Chef and Owner of Suzie Q's Bakery. I  started forming Suzie Q's Bakery in 2014. While I was in culinary school, I would bake out of my home for neighbors, and friends as a side hustle. As word spread, my side hustle started gaining more customers from around the area! With a ball of nerves and a dream, I decided to quit my job and make Suzie Q's Bakery  a full time, at-home establishment in 2017    

Here at Suzie Q's Bakery, I offer an array of home-made, custom cakes,  cookies, pastries and more. Using fresh ingredients 100% from scratch, and lots of love, my bakery is "...simply delicious..."  

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